Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic


Martyn has been my physio for over 8 years now and as an ageing sportsman a good physio is essential if you want to maximise your playing time. I have always found Martyn’s diagnosis to be correct and he brings a practical common sense approach to injury prevention & rehabilitation.

Aging Weekend Warrior

Ever since I was 10 years old (I am now 69), I have been going to physiotherapists on and off for my spine.
They all promised me they could fix it etc but of course they couldn’t and they didn’t.
I became very disillusioned and fed up with them and stopped going as I had no faith or confidence in them anymore.

3 years ago I had major spine surgery, 1 year after surgery, my surgeon recommended I go to a physio.
I was not happy about that and with great reluctance and a big attitude I went to see Martyn Sigley.

He never promised me anything but said he would do his best and see what he could do.
Now, thanks to Martyn, I not only have less pain in my spine, but I also have more movement in my neck as well.
He shows me exercises to do in between visits to maintain everything.

Martyn has restored my faith in physiotherapists and I would highly recommend him to anybody. 


Marty is the man!

My wife and I have both seen and been fixed my Super-Marty many times over the last eight plus years. He is a very approachable and friendly guy. We can't speak highly enough about his professionalism and his approach to physiotherapy. Marty is always our first port of call whatever the injury. We highly recommend his services to anybody!!

Hayden and Penny